The Most Important Question You Can Ever Ask

by Sheerine
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Something that I’ve always tried getting better at in my lifetime is to stop looking for answers and start asking better questions.

We are continually looking for the shortcut to whatever is “right” when we should really be asking the right questions so that we can bring forth better answers.

If the answers are and always will be the same, we’ll never learn new things or continue to move forward.

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions and try to answer being honest with yourself as no one is there to judge you:

1. Am I happy?
2. Am I grateful?
3. Do I like my job?
4. Do I feel good?
5. Am I working on my self to become who I really want to be

I do believe that those are the right question to start with. You can write all the answers down and think about them and see where they bring you. I do believe that something good is gonna come, if not straight away it will with time. Just try to be focused.

Often, we go through life unhappy, ungrateful, and feeling bad for way too long. If something is wrong in your life, acknowledge it quickly, and then find a solution.

These questions are not only about yourself. When you’re happy and in a good mood, you can lift the spirits of the people in your life. That’s why I focus on fixing my own happiness first. Otherwise, you can’t make your spouse, family, or others happy.

So many people say that people who think about themselves are selfish and that we get a selfish world if everyone behaves that way. That’s a very limited and ignorant perspective.

When you take care of yourself and make sure you’re happy, you’ll have a good life. You won’t be jealous of others. You’ll smile every day. And most importantly, you’ll have the resources and time to help others.

That’s how the world works. Success breeds success. Misery breeds misery.

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