Is coffee good or bad?

by Vida Peterlič
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I get this question a lot, so let’s make it clear. The answer would be NO, it is not bad, but there are some points that we need to take into consideration and to be aware of.

  • Coffee can certainly not be a replacement of a meal!

Way too often I find in personal consultations with my clients, and I bet many of you would find yourself in this point as well, that the first thing they consume in the morning is coffee, and even worse, that is their “breakfast” for the next few hours, and then they have one more coffee. So in this case, I would definitely encourage you to change your habit, as it affects our health a lot. From increased acidity in the stomach that affects our satiety (could call it an appetite promotor) to digestion problems, dehydration and so on. 

  • Drinking coffee with cows milk.

It is well known that cows milk have a lot of bad impacts on our health, especially women, based on the content of hormones (estrogen). Cows insulin and lactose intolerance, even if we do not have drastic intolerance symptoms it is not good for our digestion. And let’s not forget about the saturated fats, dietary cholesterol. Plant milk substitutes can be a problem as well in regards to added fat and sugar for the improvement of its taste, so bear this in mind as well.

  • Drinking too many coffees per day.

Intaking higher amounts of caffeine in our body can also have negative effects on us. I am sure that you have experienced it at least once when you drank more of it in a day than usual, have had not eaten much and on a certain point, your body started to shake, having a bad feeling in your stomach. Caffeine (in coffee) goes out of our system much slower than theine (in tea) so in case we still have a lot of it in our system by the time we go to sleep, it can have a big impact on the quality of our sleep, waking up with less rest than we would otherwise.

  • Science says, that drinking coffee lowers risk of many chronic diseases and mortality.

But, as already mentioned, not every coffee and its preparation is the same. It is generally considered that it contains healthy phenolic compounds, on the other hand, they can be found in the tea and some fruits & vegetables as well, so you can choose whatever you like most. Recently they have also made a study if different preparations of coffee have a different effect on our body, and the results have shown that they do. Filtered coffee is the safest, unfiltered coffee has some negative effects on people that already have some predisposed cardio-vascular diseases

Conclusion: one cup of unfiltered coffee has around 30x more of LDL cholesterol rising substances than unfiltered one. So if you are regular coffee drinker think about eating a meal before you drink the coffee, try to drink filtered one and chose the right milk replacement that suits your taste. Be careful of how many coffees you drink daily. 

Coffee anyone? 😋

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